About Wasit Encyclopedia


Introduction : The goal of communicating via the Internet, away from accomplishing developmental, administrative and commercial tasks, is to exchange information, cultures, ideas and experiences, which helps to explore, form impressions, and learn about the civilization of others, their present and past. from this point of view, we launched the Wasit Encyclopedia to be the documented archive of everything related to the Iraqi Wasit Governorate.

The goal of establishment : Wasit Encyclopedia was launched in order to be the window through which the world overlooks Wasit Province .. to learn about the cultures of its society, literature, science, sports, geography, clans, nationalities, religions and personalities .. It also aims to be the reliable source for any information published on its pages to provide a service to those interested And researchers to rely on solid information. The encyclopedia also aims to enhance the presence and identity of Wasit Governorate on the World Wide Web (Internet), as well as enriching the Arabic content on this network.

Intellectual property rights : The data and information published on the encyclopedia belong to the encyclopedia administration and may not be used except by mentioning its source, with the exception of materials that contain an external source. The encyclopedia contains various information by mentioning the name of the person or institution with the topics, as well as the translation rights for those who cooperate in translating the published topics by mentioning the name of the person on the translated material.

Books and literature : The encyclopedia aims to be the first reference for books, literature, studies and research pertaining to Wasit throughout the ages and in various fields. and county projects.

Photo album : The encyclopedia aims to provide a huge database of the largest possible number of photos of the governorate in various fields, especially old and historical photos and photos of prominent events.