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Al Kutnet Festival for Wasiti Creativity

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Al Kut Net Festival for Wasti Creativity .. It is a social festival that was established in 2007 and is held every year end in Wasit Governorate

Founding idea and beginnings

At the end of 2007, the journalist Bassem Al-Shammari published an article in the Al-Kutnet forums,one of the services of the Al-Kutnet website, asking members to vote on a referendum to choose the best in Wasit Governorate as the best government department, school, athlete, hospital, business and other fields .  After collecting the votes, he, along with his colleague, the director of Al Kut Net, Engineer Haider Al-Waeli, printed simple certificates, which they distributed to the winners by visiting them in their places in appreciation of their efforts to provide the service to the people. In the year 2008, Bassem Al-Shammari brought up the topic of the referendum in the forums and received a great interaction from the members.. which led him to put forward the idea of celebrating the winners in a celebration held in a large hall in an attempt to transfer electronic social activity to reality.. The first celebration was held in the school activity hall in Kut, and the results of the referendum were announced for the winners of the title of the best 2008.. Then the festival continued at the end of each year until now. 

Festival years

1- Announcing the results of the best in Wasit 2007: by distributing certificates of appreciation to the winners, by visiting their places.

2- Announcing the results of the best in Wasit 2008: It is the first year in which a celebration is held in the school activity hall in Kut.

3- Announcing the results of the best in Wasit 2009: It is the first year in which the celebration is named after a Wasit character, as the celebration was named “Imad Jassim Hamza” in appreciation of the role of “Baba Imad” in supporting and developing theatrical art movement in the governorate. It was held on the school activity hall in Kut.

4- Abu Gateh Festival for Wasti Creativity 2010: It is the first year that the name (Al Kut Net Festival for Wasti Creativity) was chosen, as it was named after the late journalist Shamran Al-Yasiri “Abu Gateh” in order to perpetuate his cultural and media role. It was located in the local administration hall.

5- Al Kut Net Festival for Wasti Creativity 2011 (Qassem Al Shubber ) – Wasit Governorate Council Hall.

6- Al Kut Net Festival of Wasti Creativity 2012 (the World Champion Karrar Muhammad Jawad Tournament) – Local Administration Hall

7- Al Kut Net Festival for Wasti Creativity 2013: The 2013 edition of the festival was held at the local administration hall, the first year in which the festival moved from announcing results according to the annual referendum to adopting criteria for selection.

8- Al Kut Net Festival for Wasti Creativity 2014 (Poet Zaher Muhammad Zuhdi Year) – Local Administration Hall

9- Al Kout Net Festival for Wasti Creativity 2015 (the Martyr Muthanna Al Kalabi Year ) – Local Administration Hall

10- Al Kut Net Festival of Wasti Creativity 2016 (Poet Hussein Al Bahadly Year) – Local Administration Hall

11- Al Kout Net Festival for Wasti Creativity 2017 (the artist Bassam Al Khanaq session) – Local Administration Hall

12- Al Kut Net Festival for Wasti Creativity 2018 (Mohamed Arab International Governance Year) – Local Administration Hall

13- Al Kut Net Festival of Wasti Creativity 2019 (Tishreen Revolution Martyrs Year) – Local Administration Hall

14- Al Kut Net Festival of Wasti Creativity 2020 (White Army Year) – Local Administration Hall: During this edition, the Organizations and personalities that made distinguished efforts in combating the Corona pandemic were celebrated.

15 – Al Kut Net Festival for Wasti Creativity 2021 (40 days Death anniversary of Journalist Bassem Al-Shamri) – Local Administration Hall: This version has all the festival paragraphs suspended and allocated to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of journalist Bassem Al-Shamri in fulfillment of what he presented to the festival and to Wasit Governorate in the media and social fields. 

Criteria for selecting the best

Diagnosing the best and announcing the results depends on several criteria to ensure the correct selection and accurate evaluation, which are as follows:

1- Follow up the activities of the different groups on social networking sites and archive them during the year.

2- The electronic form issued by the festival administration to receive information on the activities held during the year.

3- Follow up on television reports and electronic news agencies regarding the various activities presented.

4- The winner of the best title is excluded from the competition for the next four years, based on the principle of equal opportunities.

The festival administration presents the results to specialists, each according to his specialization, for the purpose of evaluating them and then approving them finally to announce them on the day of the festival.

Activities on the sidelines of the festival

1- Photo exhibitions: The activities of photo exhibitions began in the fourth edition of the festival in 2010, where the photographer Karim Al-Baaj held the first photo exhibition within the activities of the festival, after which many painters, photographers and calligraphers participated in the establishment of their various exhibitions throughout the years during which the festival was held, which was under the supervision of the Association Young art in the later years.

2- Theatrical works: Short theatrical works have been launched as one of the festival’s activities since 2010, where the play “Between Rejection and Acceptance” was shown, which talks about one of the novels of the late writer and media figure Shamran Al-Yasiri, followed by theatrical works presented by a group of young artists and pioneers, and each work was A play that deals with an aspect of important social life.

3- Humanitarian cases: Starting from the year 2011, in the fifth edition of the festival, the festival management began to shed light on humanitarian cases, the most prominent of which was (the public’s interaction with a humanitarian situation of a Wasti citizen who works day and night for a small amount that he provides to his family every day, so everyone decided to provide assistance.

4- Public gifts: a paragraph that was introduced in the 2011 edition, where prizes and gifts are distributed to the festival audience at the end of the events through an electronic lottery in appreciation of their attendance and interaction with the winners of the title of best.

Review Information above ..

During the Honoring of municipal worker Jassem Hassan, the title of best cleaner in Wasit for the year 2016

Name : Al Kutnet Festival for Wasit Creativity

Specialty : Social festival

Founded in : 2007

Website :

Al Kut Net Festival … The Full Story

Basim Al Shammary When He Announced to start Festival Items in 2008

The event of presenting gifts to a Christian family from the city of Kut on the occasion of the New Year holidays during the 2017 edition of the festival

During the establishment of the first photo exhibition within the activities of the festival in 2010