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Wasit Encyclopedia is a non-profit project whose goal is to document historical, geographical and social information for the Iraqi province of Wasit, as well as other fields, as well as research and studies carried out by others on the province. Developing it and ensuring its continuity.. That is why we made a fixed tab for donations to achieve these goals and contribute with us to strengthening the role of the encyclopedia in society.. We hope that you will contribute and in compliance with the principle of transparency.. We would like to inform you that your donations go to the following categories:

1- Renewing the subscriptions of the encyclopedia server and developing the allocated space and resources for it.

2- Purchasing and renewing subscriptions for applications that develop the work of the encyclopedia and make its use more secure and stable, in addition to the ease of circulating tools and searching for topics.

3- Buying the rights to photos, research and very important topics.

4- Purchasing devices and equipment that may serve the work and development of the encyclopedia.

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Account NO: 910387213689 Master Qi
Haider Abdali Yaseen Bank Of Taif
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