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Fatima Al Rubaie

Art characters

Translated by : Fatima Al Zahraa Joda

Fatima Al-Rubai, an Iraqi actress, was born on February 27, 1950 .. in the city of Kut, the center of Wasit Governorate in Iraq. She was nicknamed “The Lover of Baghdad” and “The majestic palm of Iraq”. Actress Zahra Al-Rubaie is her sister.


She was a little girl when her family moved from Kut to Baghdad, where she lived in the Abu Sefein area in Bab al-Sheikh. At school, Fatima Al-Rubaie was reluctant to study, but she was doing all the school activities that take place in the flag-raising ceremonies on Thursday. She represented roles for both genders, in addition to doing the clothes and make-up of these roles.

Establishing Herself

Since middle school, Fatima Al-Rubaie’s passion for art began, and she was escaping from the high school of culture, which was next to the radio and television building, to the radio station.

And then she worked in the leather company (Bata), in addition to that, the labor union sometimes held artistic activities and there she was noticed by the artist Badri Hassoun Farid, who confirmed that this child could become a successful actress, so he invited her to the Vanguard Youth Troupe at the end of the sixties, and in that They were seducing women not because they had competence or talent, but because they were too few. Later, she continued to work in art despite the circumstances, threats and cruelty from her parents, who became known and her father became a poet and advocated for women’s rights.

She graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad, and joined the labor theater, and Badri Hassoun Farid assigned her the first starring role in “The Plague Trees”, directed by Jaafar Al-Saadi and written by Noureddin Faris.

Then, she joined the National Acting Troupe since its inception, and participated in many distinguished series, films and theatrical works.

Professional Career

Fatima Al-Rubaie participated in many series, including “Ghaib fi Bilad Alajayeb”, “Yaskan Qalbi”, “Ayam Alajaza”, “Alnabi Ayoub”, “Tariq Naima”, “Ghorba Watan”, “Alnakhla wa Aljiran”, “Beit Altiyn”. “Minawi Pasha”, “Alwahash”, “Safqa Sakhina”, “Alhub Yati Min Alnafidha”, “Habaybna”, “Alhut wa Aljidar”, “Al-Ghariba wa Al-Hanouf”, “Aeali Alfirdus”, “Dhiaab Allayl”, “Eunfuan Aleshia” “Sanie Alseyof”, “Alhaggis”, “Beit Al Habayeb”, “Alniser Wi Eyon Almadina”, “Khait  Prism”.

He also participated in many films, including “ala Baghdad”, “Almalk Ghazi”, “Allueba”, “Sahabat Sayf”, “Eurs iraqi”, “Alfaris wa Aljabal “, “Hub fi Baghdad”, “Almas’alat Alkubra”, “Alaswar”. “That Sama’ Wahida”, “Jisr Alahrar”, “Shaif Khair”.

Fatima Al-Rubaie also participated in many plays, including “Jazira Afrwdit”, “Khadim Sayidin”, “Gilgamesh”, “Kan Ya Makan”, and “Abu al-Tayyib al-Mutanabbi”.

She issued her memoirs entitled “Memoirs of a Pioneer Theater”, as well as her participation in many Arab and international conferences and festivals, the first institution of the Arab National Theater and the Iraqi radio institution “Sawt Aljamahir”.

Awards won

In 1983, she won the award for performance in the “Nassiba” drama, the first television drama festival in Tunisia.

In 2011, she won the London Film Festival Award for Best Actress.

The Arab Radio Festival award in 1981, and the award of the ninth session of the Carthage Festival.

Winning for 3 consecutive years 1997, 1998 and 1999 in Sharjah for her television work “Jazira Antonia I”, and the Iraqi State Creativity Award.

Her marriage

In 1974, Fatima al-Rubaie married Iraqi director Muhammad Shukri Jamil, and participated in most of his cinematic works, and they had 3 children.

 Deprivation of her inheritance

Fatima Al-Rubaie set off a surprise about her brother, Iraqi MP Muhammad Al-Rubaie, as she revealed that he had stolen her right and the right of her sister, Zahra Al-Rubaie , to inherit, and had not visited them for a long time. She said in a press interview: “I am the daughter of one of the richest people in Iraq, I was deprived of the inheritance because I am an artist, me and my sister, the artist Zahra Al-Rubaie, my brothers who deprived us of the inheritance because they work in state agencies, they claim democracy and defend women’s rights, while they are the closest people to their sisters deprive them of the inheritance because they are artists”

Fatima Al-Rubaie added: ” Despite the misfortunes that befell me in my personal life, and although I was deprived of a very large inheritance for being an artist, I did not encroach on the traditions of my country, and did not abandon the traditions of Iraq to others.”

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Name : Fatima Jasim Al-Rubaie

Birth : 1950,  Al_Kut

Residence : Baghdad

Husband Name: Mohammed Shoukry Jameel

Other names : The Lady of the Iraqi Theater