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Miqdad Murad, (1946-1993) was an Iraqi TV presenter who was distinguished by his melodious voice and the distinctive and strong vocal tone.

Life and career

Miqdad Murad was born in the city of Kut – south of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad – in the year (1946), and studied in the schools of Wasit Governorate until he finished his secondary education, then completed his academic education at the University of Baghdad, and after graduating he worked as a TV presenter on the official Iraqi channel No. 9, and during His radio work was distinguished by his melodious resonant voice, his convincing personality and his elegance with high professionalism in giving every word its due in his distinguished voice when he reads the news or presenting the statements. Therefore, the Iraqi Television Administration relied on him to present the important government and military statements. And one of the most important speeches that he presented is bayan albayanat (The Statements’ Statement speech) on 08/08/1988, declaring the end of the 8-year-old Iranian-Iraqi war.

Work on Television

Miqdad Murad began his career as a radio announcer in 1968, then was chosen to become a TV presenter on Iraqi television until he was graded as the best television presenter providing news. The Iraqi TV administration always assigned him to read and present important news, especially during the Iranian-Iraqi war in the eighties of the last century. He was also commenting on a paragraph (pictures from the battle), which was shown on Iraq TV during the Iranian-Iraqi war.


He passed away on Wednesday (December 6, 1993) (Rajab 12, 1413 AH) at the age of 47, after a short struggle with laryngeal cancer.

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Name: Miqdad Murad

Born: 1946 – Kut

Died : 6-12-1993

Cause of death: laryngeal cancer

Speciality : TV presenter, Media

Wife’s name: Nidhal Fadhel Al-Mahdawi

Notable Works: bayan albayanat speech (The Statements’ Statement speech)